Board Meeting
Monday, May 26, 2008

Meeting Called to Order at 7:31

Present: Ron Krebs, Chris Williams, Jim Cameron, Stephen Whetstone, Colin Gage, Don Holder, Kevin Bowers, Jill Lumley, Donna Sisk, Bryan McDermott, Steve Weeman, Lisa Lindsey, Tere Swany

Guests-Numerous parents from AFC, FFC, and Rec teams

Minutes read with one change- Bryan McDermott did show up before meeting was over last month

Treasurers report- Final Net for 2007-$9500.00, last years net (2006) was $500.00-goal was set for net profits of $4000-$5000 per season-Items purchased included-tines for tractor, air conditioner for concessions- also with help from Mr.McDermott, all W9’s for referees were obtained for tax purposes. Over the past 2 years, FCYSL is now in compliance with IRS and met the budget.

Concessions-is not always open because it is not a money maker, but it is a strain to not make it lose money. There was a $3000.00 profit due mainly to the tournaments-$500.00 from the State Rec cup.

Chris Williams reported that the league earned $3000 for pictures per season.

Harold Vernon reported on fields-fertilizer has been put out-should see a difference after it rains. Columbus fields were in good condition for the Rec cup and he inquired as to what they were doing. Columbus appealed to governor to move their drought level status. Harold plans on talking with the county to appeal to the governor for FCYSL fields.

Summer Calendar-this calendar is given to the Marshalls to make sure that people who are using the fields are supposed to be there. Tonight there was a Lightning team that was not authorized to use the fields. He said there is a way to request fields on the website.

Chris Williams introduced the present board- he then went over the accomplishments of the board and what the challenges will be for next year.

Question from a parent from AFC that wanted to know how many teams can practice on a field- Chris stated that there were plenty of slots but that to accommodate out of county residents that Lighting had opted out of the earlier slots causing more teams to practice on assigned fields. There were 70 slots not used last fall.

Introductions of the teams that made it to the finals of the State Rec Cup- U10 girls team coached by Donna Sisk and U16 girls coached by Jim Fair


Chris Williams nominated present board seconded by Donna Sisk

Randy Adams nominated a list of parents

Also nominated were Chris Daniel, Chris Bowler, and Hauke Van Gunst

All new nominees were given a chance to speak on behalf of themselves

It then came into question as to whether or not any person who does not have a child playing that is not directly administered under FCYSL could vote or not. Board met to have a brief discussion.   Ron Krebs indicated that Chris was not following Robert’s Rules of Order during discussion.  Harold's discussed with Chris and stated that the  election would be voided if we do not let AFC parents vote.  He (Harold) stated that a letter had been given to him that stated this.  Letter was not produced at meeting. Ron Krebs called for the question, Steve Weeman made a motion to allow all people present that live in Fayette and have a child playing in AFC, FFC, or Rec be allowed to vote, 2nd by Ron Krebs- 11 said yes and 1 nay

At this point the voting proceeded

Above minutes submitted by Lisa Lindsey

Continued Minutes for May 26, 2008 submitted by Steph Whetstone

The votes were counted by the Fayette County Representative and she was assisted by Bryan McDermott.

The newly elected board is:
Randy Adams
Allen Barton
Hary Bottka
Butch Davis
Colin Gage
Don Holder
Jill Lumley
Ron Krebs
Bryan McDermott
Bob Moulin
Stephen Whetstone
Scott Williams

The new board convened inside immediately after the election results were announced.

Members present: Randy Adams, Allen Barton, Hary Bottka, Butch Davis, Colin Gage, Don Holder, Jill Lumley, Ron Krebs, Bryan McDermott, Stephen Whetstone, and Chris Williams (Past President).

Guests: Joan Williams and Jim Cameron

Chris opened the floor for nominations for board officers.
Ron Krebs nominated Bryan McDermott for president (Don Holder Second). Motion passed.

Bryan McDermott nominated Ron Krebs for Vice President (Allen Barton Second). Motion passed.

Jill Lumley nominated Stephen Whetstone for Secretary (Ron Krebs Second). Motion passed.

Allan Barton nominated Geoff Fulton for Treasurer (Krebs Second). Motion passed.

Bryan wanted to know if we should destroy the ballots. Ron Krebs motioned that the ballots be destroyed (Second Don Holder). Motion passed.

Bryan McDermott said he needed time to decide on the registrar.
Ron Krebs suggested that we meet again mid June. After discussion of available times, Ron Krebs motioned that we meet again on Monday, June 16, 2008 @ 7:30 PM at McCurry Park North Concessions. (Second Stef Whetstone). Motion Passed.

Meeting adjourned.