FCYSL Board Nominees

The following people have been nominated to run for the FCYSL Board of Directors. Elections will take place on Saturday, May 3rd from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the McCurry North Concession building.

Craig Davis

Craig has been involved with FCYSL for over 20 years. He has previously served on the Board of Directors of FCYSL (1994 - 99, 2005, 2010 & 2011-13). He has also previously served as the Girls Coordinator, Age Group Coordinator and In-house Recreational Game Scheduler. Craig has a state "D" coaching license. He has coached throughout the league at both the recreational and select levels for the girls of FCYSL starting with U-6 through U-19. Craig is and has been a referee for 17 years. He enjoys working with the players and sharing his love for the game as well as the opportunity to help FCYSL continue to improve and grow.

Sandy Forero

My name is Sandy Forero and I am currently working for North Fayette Elementary as a Parent Involvement Liaison. I also help the FCBOE and my school with translation and interpreting services. 

I currently volunteer at the Clothes Less Traveled thrift shop (PTC), I am the U4 Coordinator for FCYSL, I am the Expo Coordinator for the PTC Running Club Classic Race (our biggest race each year) and I am the Co-President for the USAFA Class of 2016 Spirit Mission Board. 

In the past I have been a board member for the Lakeside on Redwine Homeowners Association, I have been a U8 Coach and Division Director (MGSA in Macon), I have coordinated fundraising projects for my church.

Steve Grandea

Steve Grandea was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland playing 3 years of Varsity soccer at the Gilman School. He has a love for the game and has had various experiences, playing, coaching and refereeing in the Baltimore area. After having been stationed with the Army in Texas and Ft. Benning, GA, Steve fell in love with the south and decided to make roots in the Atlanta area in 1993. He is currently a senior application engineer with First Data Corporation in Atlanta. He and his wife Nickey, a teacher at Whitewater Middle, live in Fayetteville and have 4 great kids from 4 to 18 years old.

Steve has had two daughters in FCYSL and he has been a coach in FCYSL for the past 6 years. His teams have participated in various tournaments and been finalists in the Coweta Rec Riot and Kohl’s Cup champions. Although he no longer has a daughter in FCYSL, he continues to coach a U12 girls rec team. His oldest daughter now plays with AFC Lightning.
“My daughters and I have had a great experience with FCYSL and I will continue to do my best to keep it a strong league where any level player can have fun, be fit, and learn to love the game. I would also encourage parents to participate as coaches and team managers as it’s a high return investment in our kids!”

Donna Heard

Donna currently serves on the FCYSL Board of Directors and has served the league for the past 8 years. She has been a citizen of Fayette County for 14 years. She has been our Risk Management coordinator. She also helps out at the state level as a member of the Georgia Soccer D&P Committee.

Donna has coached with FCYSL for 20 years and played with the Georgia Women’s Soccer Association Amateur division for 20 years. She holds a USSF "E" coaching license.

Donna is the mother and step-mother of 3 Select players who all previously played recreational soccer. Her goals for the youth program are to grow and develop the educational needs of the program as well as meet the challenging economical needs with the sole purpose of maintaining stability within the program, keeping children safe and promoting the good of the game.

“A child’s experience in soccer should flourish so that when they leave the pitch, they take a piece with them.”

Don Holder

Resident of Fayette County for 24 years.

FCYSL Board member for 19 years.
Served as Age Group Coordinator for U6, U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 and U19 boys and girls.
Served on Ethics and Grievance Committee.
Served on Discipline and Protest Committee.
Served on Building and Grounds Committee.
Served on Planning Committee.
Served on Budget Committee.
Served as Field Coordinator and Practice Scheduler.
Served as volunteer for field maintenance and repairs.

Coached Recreation and Select Boys and Girls for 21 years.
Currently holds USSF National D Coaching License.
Currently holds USSF National Youth Coaching License.
Helped provide free training clinics to recreation players.

Has two children who grew up playing Recreation and Select Soccer at FCYSL.
Currently serves on AFC Lightning Board of Directors.

Jonathan McGehee

Jonathan McGehee has been involved in sports his entire life. He started playing baseball, football, and soccer at the age of eight. He was always actively playing season after season. He has a strong heart for sports and for sportsmanship. He feels as though the kids are the most important thing and as long as they are having fun and playing fair then he is pleased. He has two daughters. One is 3 and will start Fall soccer next season. He has an 8 year old that is actively involved and has played for almost 2 years. This past season he started coaching his daughter’s U8 soccer team and now has a passion for the game. Soccer has now become a priority in his daily life and wants to be more involved in the soccer association board of directors. He wants to make sure kids love the sport, all kids are able to play, and teach sportsmanship.

Tracey Miller

Tracey has been associated with FCYSL for 10 years as a parent and coach. He has been a FCYSL Coach for 8 years (12 seasons) and coached two teams for 4 years (8 seasons / U10 - U14Boys and U8-U12Girls). He has a USSF "E" coaching license.

"Being a youth soccer coach has allowed me to spend time to be with my kids, serve my community, and have fun."