Open Play Fridays


Fayette County Youth Soccer League (FCYSL) was founded for the purposes of providing Fayette County and surrounding residents with an opportunity for children between the ages of 3 to 18 years old to play the great sport of soccer. Children enjoy the game most when allowed to play without rules, structure or direction from coaches and parents. For this reason, FCYSL has implemented “Open Play Fridays”, a program that allows children to participate and be creative. Open Play Fridays offers the possibility of mixing playing levels, genders, and age groups with the aim of having kids enjoy playing the game. It also serves as an opportunity for player development, identification, and selection. Current U.S. Men’s National Team Coach, Jürgen Klinsmann said it best; “Soccer, in my opinion, is self-teaching. The more you play, the better you get. You have the fact that in the U.S. it’s mostly organized soccer, when we know that the best players in the world come out of unorganized events.” It all comes down to … “LET THE KIDS PLAY!!”


  • Held every Friday (weather permitting) from 6:00pm -7:30pm at McCurry Park
  • Players are separated based on age and ability
  • Games are either 3v3 or 4v4
  • Games last 6-10 minutes
  • All games start and end at the same time
  • After the end of each game, players drop scrimmage vests on the field and return to central area for new team assignment
  • Players change teams after every game
  • No score is kept
  • No referees
  • No coaching
  • Players make their own rules in terms of corner kicks, free kicks, and throw-ins
  • One Parent/Coach supervises the field for safety
  • Any FCYSL-registered player can take part
  • Non-FCYSL players are required to sign a waiver
  • Field size is 20X25 marked with cones
  • Use Pugg goals or flags for goals
  • FCYSL provides scrimmage vests
  • Program Coordinator selects teams at random


  • Identify players in each age
  • Group players by age and ability
  • Combine genders, especially in younger age groups
  • Divide players into teams of 3 or 4 depending on the age and number of kids available.
  • Field Set-up


  • Program Coordinator
    • Field Setup
    • Team Assignments
    • Time Keeper
  • Field Supervisor
    • Field Setup/Pickup
    • Safety
    • Collect scrimmage vests
  • Parents
    • Enjoy games