The IRS requires that we obtain taxpayer identification for all of our contract employees. Referees paid by FCYSL are considered contract employees for FCYSL. If you are paid $600.00 or more by FCYSL during a calendar year, we are required to send you, the IRS, and the GA DOR a 1099 tax form showing the amount paid to you during the year. However, regardless if you make less than $600.00 during the year, we are required to have documentation on file of your taxpayer identification which is your social security number for individuals.

  • To get a copy of the W9 Form, click HERE. This one contains the address to send it to as well as instructions from FCYSL.
  • You can also get from the IRS web site HERE.

Please mail your completed W9 to:
Attn: Treasurer
PO Box 721
Fayetteville, GA 30214

In the future you will not be able to pick up your pay unless we have a W9 on file for you.

Thank you for completing and mailing these forms as soon as possible.